Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are Koala's allowed?

Aunt Charlotte said she heard there is a new park in West Palm Beach. I wonder if Koalas can go there?

Are there any Koalas in Palm Beach? Would I be the first?

Would I be welcome?

I wonder if I can find someone to go there with me.


  1. I think you should consider going to Orlando or Miami instead. Much nicer than Palm Beach.

  2. I totally disagree with Anonymous...Trust me I've lived here my entire life and there is no place better! The beaches are amazing, the sun is fantastic and I've even heard that there is an eucalyptus grower in the area...couldn't be more perfect for you!

  3. Orlando and Miami both sound interesting but Uncle Bob is a big fan of Palm Beach.

    Still, I think Orlando and Miami are worth checking out.

  4. Miami and Orlando are much too big. You would love it here in Palm Beach, where you would have close friends and lots of people visiting you!

  5. I hear the zoo in Palm Beach is really nice, I think that you should check it out. From what I hear they are willing to build you some nice new digs. I even heard that there are 2 macaws there who are raising money to help bring you to the zoo. I think that you should really check Palm Beach out!!!