Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No hamsters allowed

I'm being encouraged to consider the Palm Beach Zoo where I hear they have a fascinating collection of animals including some of my friends from Australia.

I'm glad things have changed since Joey lived in Palm Beach. The town became so incensed about Joey's romps around the island that the council passed an ordiance forbidding all animals on the islands except dogs, cats, parrots, parakeets and canaries. No hamsters, no rabbits, no kangeroos.

Joey's family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brooks III spent years fighting the law in court. The battle to keep Joey made him a national celebrity and he eventually found a home at the Palm Beach Zoo.

It's fun learning about Florida.


  1. Zoo critters sometimes visit the Island. They need a permit to go there. Each time they visit, they make new friends. But you won't find much Eucalyptus on the island. It's found in nearby Del Ray Beach. The Palm Beach Zoo is easy to visit and they have plenty of Eucalyptus on hand for koalas. You'll be happy at the Palm Beach Zoo.

  2. They banned me on the Island too. It's funny that there's no hamsters allowed - half the women on palm beach walk around little rats ("toy" dogs) in their purses. I might head to the zoo myself.

    Miles the Skunkape